AccuFill® BSM is an engineered calcium phosphate mineral compound.1 It flows readily to fill subchondral defects, crystallizes and hardens quickly in an endothermic reaction at 37° C to form a nanocrystalline, macroporous scaffold in the bone. Over time, through cell-mediated remodeling, AccuFill® BSM is resorbed and replaced with new bone.

Accufill flowing
Accufill filling
animated schematic of change
Animated Schematic of Change

Important Information: The use of AccuFill® BSM is not intended to be intrinsic to the stability of the bony structure. Radiographic studies should be used to confirm that the adjacent cortical bone is intact.

AccuFill® BSM Performance

Criteria Feature Benefit
Formulation Proprietary next generation apatite.
Mimics chemical structure of human bone.
Facilitates cell-mediated remodeling.
Handling Truly injectable.
Remains cohesive.
Flowable inside cancellous bone.
15 minutes of working time.
No need to remove subchondral bone.
No phase separation from injection pressure.
Interdigitates easily for complete defect fill.
Long window for implantation; intraoperative flexibility.
Setting Endothermically sets in 10 minutes at 37°C. Sets hard after closure, no thermal necrosis.
Structure Osteoconductive.
Nanocrystalline structure.
65% total porosity; 1-300 μm pore size.
10 MPa compressive strength.
Nanocrystalline structure and high surface area facilitate remodeling and bony ingrowth.
Physical properties comparable to cancellous bone.
Remodeling Cell-mediated remodeling.
Remodeled vs. dissolved.
Remodels with new bone growth.

AccuFill® BSM = Ca10-x(M)x(PO4)6-x(HPO4,CO3)x(OH)2-x = Bone*1

AccuFill® BSM is manufactured by Etex, a subsidiary of Zimmer Biomet and leader in bioresorbable bone substitute materials. The company is headquartered in MIT´s University Park in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a world renowned center for biotech research and innovation.


  • 1 Tofighi, et al. New Generation of Synthetic, Bioresorbable and Injectable Calcium Phosphate Bone Substitute Materials: Alpha-bsm, Beta-bsm and Gamma- bsm; JBBTE. 2009; 2:39.
  • * M = metal ions

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